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Wet Fly Tying with Davy Wotton



  1. Partridge & Orange
  2. Black & Silver Spider
  3. DW Prism Soft Hackle
  4. Coch-Y-Bunddu Beetle
  5. Woodcock Hare’s Ear
  6. Wickham’s Fancy

“The  Basics” Chapters:

  1. Tails
  2. Ribbing Mediums
  3. Bodies
  4. Hackles
  5. Wings

Davy Wotton knows wet flies as well as any tier or angler in the world.  In this video he shares his hard-won knowledge learned as a commercial tier, materials distributor, fly creator and professional guide.  Included here are five detailed lessons on tying the basic elements of wet flies, and six tying demonstrations that reveal all the steps needed to craft his most effective patterns.  His technique is flawless, narrative clear and precision unrelenting in this comprehensive video that can make you a better wet fly tier.

Partridge & Orange

This diminutive spider fly can be adapted to superbly imitate any mayfly.  How to give the hackle an umbrella-effect is the critical element that Davy demonstrates here.

Black & Silver Spider

An attractor mayfly in style, this is a go-to-pattern for Wotton when he finds fish in the surface-film.  You’ll learn precisely what it takes to make it come to life in the water.

Coch-Y-Bunddu Beetle

One of the earliest wet terrestrial flies; this beetle imitation still readily fools trout.  Davy provides a host of great tying tips and details on working with both herl and hackle.

Dw Prism Soft Hackle

The combination of new materials and a properly wound soft hackle make this Wotton original a fly you’ll want.  It is easily adapted to mimic a host of small aquatics insects.

Woodcock Hare’s Ear

Davy ties this classic caddis pattern superbly.  He brings together all the lessons provided in the video to create a buggy looking fly that brown trout have trouble resisting.

Whickham’s Fancy

This fly, like most of the great ones, doesn’t imitate anything exactly but does catch fish.  It is an attractor that Davy crafts with pain staking detail to insure its effectiveness.

3 Hours - 2 Dvd Set

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Davy Wotton Fly Fishing

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