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Guide Services

What To Expect From Me
A guided trip provides you at least three services. First , it allows you to maximize your limited time on water you may not be familiar with. Second, you will almost certainly learn some new fly fishing skills. Third, it is my goal to give you the best possible fly fishing experience and a enjoyable day to remember. You will have at your disposal my undivided attention.

Warm and Cold Water

River Fly Fishing

There are many excellent warm and cold water fly fishing options in the Ozark Mountains. In fact, after fly fishing for countless fish species in 40 countries around the world I can say some of the best are right here in my home area.The White River and the North Fork River (a.k.a. Norfork River) provide first class trout fly fishing. Wild trout fishing in the upper North Fork river is a special thrill. Smallmouth bass and sunfish action in the warmer waters of the Buffalo National River add another dimension to Ozark fisheries, as do the Spring river, Crooked Creek, and the Little Red river - all of which I fish and upon which I conduct guided fly fishing trips.

White and North Fork Rivers

Catching Trophy Trout

The White and North Fork rivers are noted for big fish and certainly do contain many that are well over the normal average trout size ( 10 to 14 inches) found in any water system. Big trout have learned many lessons and are not always easy to catch. But there are opportune times that will put the odds more in your favor. Fall to early spring is one such time, so too fishing is at night during the summer. No one can guarantee that a big fish will be caught on any given day. If it is your choice to target for a trophy, then l will do my utmost for this to happen for you. If we should have a good shad kill then this time will offer a great opportunity to hook into a big fish. Many big fish can also be caught on very small flies such as midges - if the prevailing conditions at the time are good. You never know from one day to the next. That is one of the reasons why fly fishing is so much fun!

Bull Shoals Lake or Norfork Lake

Lake Fly Fishing

Bream, crappie, striped , hybrid , largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass can all be caught on a fly rod in either Bull Shoals Lake or Norfork Lake. Splitting your day between cold and warm water fishing is something you may wish to try subject to water levels and time of year.

Catching Large Trout at Dusk

Night Fly Fishing

At certain times of the year there is a great opportunity for catching large trout at dusk and after darkness sets in. Climate conditions and water levels will largely determine if this is posible on any given night. I will advise you of the feasability of nightfishing at the time of your trip. You may choose to fish part day and part of a night.

Rates subject to fuel cost increase

Guided Fishing Trip Rates

  • 1 person per day                 $400
  • 2 persons per day               $500

Additional persons $100 each, over and above two-person rate.

Davy Wotton Fly Fishing

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