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Wet Fly Ways with Davy Wotton

Davy Wotton teaches you a new way to fly fish in this information filled video that can help you catch more trout under even the toughest of conditions.

Born in the UK, British Isles, Wotton brings a historical perspective to wet fly fishing that will convince you this is a lost art begging to be rediscovered.

Gary Taylor, professional angler and guide, hosts the production and serves as the willing student.  You will learn, along with Gary, why wet flies and soft hackles should be properly presented to every quadrant of a stream.

Wet Flies, both old and new, will be examined in detail and you will learn enough to make an educated pattern selection when you take this breakthrough system to the river.  You get the complete recipe for assembling a "cast of flies"; a critical part of this unique method that can entice even reluctant trout to feed.  Leader and dropper lengths, tippet weights and the proper knots for creating the cast are all clearly demonstrated.

Big Trout are something Davy Wotton has caught a lot of in his 30 years as a professional angler and fly fishing instructor.  His knowledge of wet fly fishing in the traditional style is one of the biggest reasons for this success.  He can help you master the upstream, across and downstream forms of presentation that wet flies and soft hackles were created for.  It is a method for all circumstances on rivers and lakes.  Besides trout it is deadly for bass and panfish and Davy has even used it in saltwater for Bones and Reds.

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Davy Wotton Fly Fishing

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